Brodmann's Interactive Atlas

AREAS 24, 32 & 33
(Anterior cingulate gyrus)

Associated Functions
Reviewer's note

The cingulate gyrus belongs to the limbic system and its participation in emotion is obvious. Anterior cingulate gyrus damage can be associated with mutism and akinesia. Contemporary fMRI studies support its involvement in emotion (e.g., experiential processing / processing of emotional cues, sexual arousal to visual stimuli, etc.) and also in motor organization (e.g., motor preparation/planning, cognitive/motor inhibition) and language initiative (e.g., verbal initiation and suppression). In addition, when using functional neuroimaging some unexpected BA24/32/33  functions are found, such as response to vestibular and ocular motor stimulation, executive functions (e.g., deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning, and mental timekeeping) and different types of memory (e.g., working memory, episodic memory, prospective memory, etc.)

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