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Byron Bernal, MD*                     Joanna Perdomo**


In the early 20th century German neurologist Dr. Korbinian Brodmann defined 52 regions of the cerebral cortex of humans and monkeys that appeared to have different cellular morphology and organization.   Over the past century clinical findings and neurophysiological studies have shown that these microstructural differences correlate well with cortical function specialization.

The Brodmann's Interactive Atlas facilitates fMRI analysis understanding by providing access to all of the functions that have been associated with each of the 52 Brodmann's areas or corresponding gyri.   Links to main publications supporting the findings are provided in PubMed ID format.  Brodmann's areas with similar functions and locations have been collapsed into a single page. The word left or right has been added indicating a lateralized function.

We reviewed all the abstracts published on PubMed on fMRI and brain PET studies in which the Brodmann's area or its anatomical correlate were mentioned.  Abstracts with poorly described experimental methods or findings clearly conflicting with established knowledge provided by the clinical model were excluded.  Studies on patients were also excluded.   If there were numerous abstracts demonstrating a  certain function, the note "many articles" was placed following a few citations.

  Abstracts found:  3,666.   Abstracts discarded: 1,391.  Abstracts reviewed: 2,275.  Abstracts specifically cited: 869.
Times abstracts were collapsed ("many articles"): 49.    Top 3 areas cited: BA6; Hippocampal area (BA27-28, 34-36); Anterior
cingulate gyrus  (BA24,25, 32,33).  Abstracts reviwed up to August 2008.

Peer-review status:
Alfredo Ardila, PhD.  Neuropsychologist.  Florida International University. 

Harshad Shanbhag, MS., neuroimage data analyst, for his contribution with the MRI interactive page.
 Dr. Nolan Altman, MD., chief of the Radiology Department, for his permanent and invaluable support.

The "Interact with MRI" page utilizes the brain template and  Brodmann's segmentation included in MRIcro, by Chris Rorden (, modified to correct some temporal, and subcortical number encoding.
Brodmann's segmentation is approximate since it is not anatomical based. Caution is advised.

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* Byron Bernal, MD.  Neurologist, Neuroscientist.  
** Joanna Perdomo, Intern, neuroscience. MCH, 2008

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