Brodmann's Interactive Atlas

(Inferior temporal, Fusiform and Parahippocampal gyri)

Associated Functions
Reviewer's note

Usually, BA 20 is not included as part of  Wernicke’s area.  Indeed, different authors describe Wernicke’s area in not completely coincidental way: some authors only include the posterior part of the superior temporal gyrus (BA22); some authors include the superior and middle temporal gyri; and there are authors that even includ the angular gyrus of the parietal lobe as part of  Wernicke’s area. Functional neuroimaging studies suggest,  without question,  that BA20 should also be considered as part of Wernicke’s area. Left BA20 participation in language understanding and processing is evident:  lexico-semantic processing, metaphor comprehension, language comprehension and production, and selective attention to speech. Additionally, BA20, as part of the fusiform gyrus, also participates in some types of visual processing: in the integration of visual elements into perceptual wholes (single objects).  BA20 involvement in the “attribution of intentions” seems to be marginal.