Brodmann's Interactive Atlas

(Secondary visual cortex - Middle occipital gyrus)

Associated Functions
Reviewer's note

Damage in BA18/19 is associated with visual agnosia, which can have different manifestations (e.g., object agnosia, face agnosia, color agnosia, topographical agnosia, etc.). Functions observed in neuroimaging studies include no only the detection of basic visual parameters (e.g., detection of light intensity, feature attention, detection of patterns, etc.), but also the area's participation in the “confrontation naming circuitry” (confrontation naming activates BA18/19/37 plus the inferior frontal gyrus). Damage in the left may be associated with pure alexia. It is not surprising either its participation in “response to visual word form”. According to functional studies it also participates in other visual related functions  such as visual priming and visual attention.

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