Brodmann's Interactive Atlas

AREAS 9 & 10
(Part of the prefrontal cortex - Middle frontal gyrus)

Associated Functions
Reviewer's note

Without question, BA9/10 has a significant participation in memory, particularly memory encoding, memory retrieval, and working memory. Those studies relating BA10 with “event- and time-based prospective memory” and “intentional forgetting”, suggest the involvement of BA10 in controlling, and manipulating memory (metamemory). Hence, it could be argued that the middle frontal gyrus participates in an extensivememory circuit, and it has some fundamental role in organizing memory strategies and controlling memory. BA9/10 have also other evident executive functions, such as “executive control of behavior”, “inferential reasoning”, and “decision making”. Its participation in complex language processes may suggest the use of verbal strategies in executive processing; in these cases (e.g., syntactic processing, metaphor comprehension, generating sentences, etc), an extensive network is activated, involving diverse language related areas. Interestingly, BA10 seems to be involved in attending to sensory stimulation (e.g., response to baroreceptor stimulation, response to painful thermal stimuli, and joint attention). Two studies related the middle frontal gyrus with processing emotions. This involvement may be related to making decisions about emotional stimuli.

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